Who We Are:

As a mission-driven startup, we help food companies market the origin stories, cultural heritage and family tradition behind their food products through brand management and content creation.

What We Do:

We use our modern food storytelling to foster a more enthusiastic, informed and loyal relationship between millennial consumers and food companies

Our creative team travels the globe, meets with farmers and producers, and then develops one-of-a-kind photo and video content that resonates strongly with the digital millennial foodie community.

Why We Do It:

Our mission is to improve the livelihoods of farmers and producers by working with responsible food companies to celebrate the personal narratives, traditions and origins behind their food, from seed to fork.

The Context:

In today’s modern age of technology and globalization, we have become increasingly disconnected from our food system. It is likely that last night’s dinner contained a multitude of ingredients from across continents, yet we rarely contemplate their origins.

By the time food gets to our plate, it has been touched by thousands of human hands whose stories go especially unrecognized. The human histories behind our global food system have been removed to such an extent that we as consumers are unable to discern our own connections to cultural traditions, livelihoods and familial legacies.

We must satiate our hunger for the real context behind our delicious meals by uncovering the human narratives that influence our everyday eating experiences.